What is VPA ?How to create VPA(UPI id)

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The basic meaning of virtual payment address is unique identity of your bank account details for online transactions. Your vpa can be used to make online money transactions.

What is vpa, virtual payment address, need of vpa , how to create vpa
VPA (pic created by Jigar patel)


If we need to transfer the money online from our bank account to someone’.s bank account then we need an account details(like account number, IFSC code, account holder name, etc..) of that person.


After the facility of vpa, now if we want to transfer the money from our bank account to someone’s bank account then we do not need the account details of that person. we can transfer the money by VPA of that bank account.

Virtual payment address is known as a UPI ID because UNIFIED PAYMENT INTERFACE(UPI) services offer the option to create virtual payment address for making online transactions easy and secure. By using upi id you can do transactions without sharing bank account details.

How to create UPI id ?

you can create virtual payment address by many methods. if you want to create it then watch the below methods. here are some FAQ related to upi id.

How to create VPA in union bank of india(UBI)

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How to create VPA in Google pay

How to create vpa in kotak bank

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