What is Memory Palace ( LOCI method)

memory palace is one type of method by which you can increase your brain power to remember and recall the information. The real name of this method is METHOD OF LOCI.
loci is the latin word which is the plural of locus, loci means “location or places“. This method is also known as memory journey, memory palace , mind palace technique. This is 2500 years old technique, invented by greeks. Concept of this technique was made famous by sherlock holmes series.

The Best part of this method is, you can remember anything for long time and recall it anytime. This is very useful method for students and speakers to remember the points of theories and speeches without any notes.

The memory palace method is basically works on your imagination power. You can learn this method by practice.

How to use Memory palace method ?

I can’t explain this full method in this one article by words….but here i have written some basic points.

  • Imagine the travel route from your home to your school or office.
  • Now take some important points from your theory or speech.
  • Now link that important points with your travel root.

Done. your memory palace is created.

here i have listed some youtube video list which are explaining this method very deeply.

Memory palace podcast

The memory palace podcast is hosted by Nate Dimeo  that debuted in 2008.  This podcast is distributed online by Radiotopia. This podcast is divided  153 episodes. 

here is the link of that podcast.

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